Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivels – 10 Pack


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Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivels – 10 Pack

1 7/8″ long Fixed Slider Snap Swivel shown larger than actual to show detail.

The Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel was designed for the easy set up of the Predator Bait Position (PAP).

Most predator fish love to ambush baitfish, it is an easy method for a meal. One favorite method of Predator Ambush Position  (PAP) is to ball up the baitfish then wait for the weak to fall out of the pack and pick them off. By creating an ambush spread,  predator fish will seek your spread and their instinct will cause them to strike at your bait. Baitfish create a ton of  turbulence and predator fish like to stay on the outsides of this turbulence creating PAP opportunities.


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