Port Hopper – Torpedo Single Harnest


Port Hopper – Torpedo Single Harnest

Approx. 30 “,  Torpedo Premium Hooks, HQ-Beads, and 100% Fluocarbon 50 lbs tested

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Port Hopper – Torpedo Single Harnest

(Approx. 30 “,  Torpedo Premium Hooks, HQ-Beads, and Hi-Seas Quattro ,100% Fluocarbon, 50 lbs tested)

Torpedo Tournament Treble Hooks are extremely sharp which ensures a great hook set every time.

Our exclusive high carbon steel and alloys, create a hook that is light in weight and yet super strong.

When fighting the fish of your life, put your trust is Torpedo Tournament Hooks.

Hi-Seas Quattro 100% fluorocarbon is made from the highest quality grade of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and is extruded to exacting standards.

It closely matches the light refractivity of water making it virtually invisible. The material is slightly tinted in our signature Quattro 4 color pattern to further break up the visual appearance and light transmission.

Since it is denser than nylon monofilament it has a higher sink rate and is also more abrasion resistant.

We recommend using fluorocarbon line where the water is super clear and the fish could see regular monofilament or braided lines.



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