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I began fly tying and inventing different styles of flies 25 years ago.


I was compelled to make my own as a hobby, It quickly turned into selling flies to friends and Tackle shops. Port Hopper Flies has been in great demand. The One-man shop can not provide for the enormous amount of fly request.

I will continue to make small orders for customers. However, I have decided to past some of the work to Gladice and Martin St. Louis. I have personally instructed both on the art of fly tying. They are Extremely efficient and professional. They will keep Port Hopper Flies customers happy with our product.

Thank you to all my customers for your continuous support

Greg Shanley

To maximize the product we suggest :
For the lake Ontario Salmon and Trout the leader should be 2 to 3 times the length of the flasher or dodger.

For the Landlocked Salmon the leader should be 1 to 2 times the lenght of the flasher or dodger.

Customers Reviews


I use Port Hopper Flies and beleive

Their the best Flies on the market. Their are Strong and can resist the meanest king’s bite. The color pattern match all my favorite flasher.

Since I use Porthopperflies Product. It seems that consistency is easier to achieve.

Big thanks from the hearth

Capt. Louis Simoneau 
Fishing Charters


This fish was caught with Porthopperflies.

If I remember well it was a custom made stud fly on an 8″ Pro troll  thta put us in the weekly winners of Silver Salmon Challenge! 

Port hopper flies are essential in my daily charters and fun fishing trips for 

Capt. Kyle Vanderlinde
Dutchies Sportfishing
Lake Ontario

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